Sai’s Life: Poolside At Delano Beach Club Miami

Good Morning! Hope your weekend was as productive as mine. After staying in Naples and Marco Island for a few days, Jean Claude and Joycelyne convinced me to visit Miami. I always thought of it as a Vegas by the beach, and as much fun as Vegas is, I prefer quiet times when I am on Vacation. We stayed at the Delano Hotel in southbeach and it was absolutely breath taking. The boutique hotel is pure perfection and the pool…well just divine…Jean Claude took these images of me by the pool! I hope you have a great day!!

delano miami pool Delano Beach Club Miami pool delano beach club miami

IMG_6749 IMG_6765 IMG_6567 IMG_6566 IMG_6565 IMG_6562 IMG_6770

  • Dotun

    love the outfit

  • Tommy

    so0o0o0o fabbbb!!! wuvvvvvvv how your manure/pedicure matches your ensemble!!! and how your swaggy sunglasses match your dainty earirings! and the sandals!!! and i also wuvvvv that ring Sai!!!!