Fab Personal Stylista of the Day: The Fierce and Fabulous Anoko Zankli

I literally met this fabulous fashionista yesterday and fell in love with her style. As soon as I entered L2, we immediately bonded over my Christian Louboutin Cut-up boots. The whole night we talked about our love for fashion, and I found out she was a stylist, we ended up going through majority of her pictures on her phone. I was really flattered, that she had been to the blog before :) awws. It was so hard to pick which images to use, because I loved every single one and she is also a photographer so it worked out well :) I think she is fabulous, down to earth and just fun and so I am very happy to feature Miss Anoko Zankli as our Fab Personal Stylista of the day! 

Greetings Sai,
What a joy it was to finally meet the woman that personifies FIERCE!!!! You are such a wonderful person with an unmatched spirit.
My Personal Style:
I’d like to say that My personal style is Couture-Chic with an Edge. Although I LOVE Vintage, I am definitely NOT a Trendy woman! I enjoy Contemporary styles however, I appreciate the level of detail and construction provided in Couture clothing. I love to keep my look very Elegant and Grown up. I’d like to say that my “look” is very Clean and Neat. I like to look like I’m prepared to travel First Class!
Where I shop:
I LOVE Filenes Basement, Neiman Marcus, Consignment shops, Thrift Stores, Woodburry Commons, and Century 21. I find the BEST pieces at Consignment shops because it’s usually a Fashion Playground and is where People from all walks of life take their goods. I love a variety of things to look at when I’m shopping. I’m not interested in going into a store and seeing 15 of the same item on one rack. I love exclusivity….I like to know that no one else in the room will look like me! I have discovered Ah-Mazing designers in Consignment shops. For example, I would have NEVER heard of R13 jeans if I wasn’t frequenting consignment shops. I scored a Brand New Vintage YSL leather blazer for $40.00 at a Consignment shop!  
If you have the money, it helps to frequent consignment shops every week. You never know what treasure(s) you will find!!
Who Inspires Me:
My mother! She always made sure that I looked neat and put together as possible! She injected the “Women Rule!” fierceness in me!
The Designers that I gravitate towards are Ralph Lauren, Giambattista Valli, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL, Gianfranco Ferre, Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Michael Kors, Alexander McQueen, Kaufman Franco, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Oscar De La Renta, Brioni, Lanvin, and Comme des Garcon.
I’m in Love with Textures, Subtle Colors, and Structured pieces that make a Statement. When you see me, you will remember me!
My favorite look would be a great pair of R13 jeans, an H&M tank or fun t-shirt, a YSL Blazer, and a Missoni scarf……and let’s not forget my YSL Tributes and Ah-Mazing Prada sunnies!
I have fun with Fashion!!!! Wearing the best clothing is great, but your SMILE is your Best Accessory!
Just had to share an upclose of this top!
Additionally, Having great clothes doesn’t mean that you should ignore your hair, nails, and personality! Being Beautiful comes from within! It’s a total look! Your hair must be treated and Fierce! Your nails must be manicured as well as your toenails! Your personality should be Sweet and Humble.
Now if you ask me who’s style that I love, I would have to say Victoria Beckham, Giovanna Battaglia, Miroslava Duma, Nini Nguyen, Hanh Merriman, Anna de la Russo, and Shala Monroque.
My favorite Quote: If you LOVE yourself and OWN your look, nothing else matters! Fashion is a non-verbal way of communicating how you feel and more importantly, who you are! It’s very important that you know what works for your body type. If you are short, you shouldn’t gravitate towards looks that are more flattering for taller women. I am 5’9″ and am a size 4, but understand that although people believe that I have the perfect model-esque body, Everything DOES NOT look good on me.
More on Miss Anoko Zankli, check out her Blog, Destination Fierce

Know a fab personal stylista? Email me at saisankoh@gmail.com
  • Nicolas-Patience

    Gbam! She is IT!

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    OMG she is absolutely FABBBBBBB the outfits are stunning!

    -Ms U.I.-

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    This chick is absolutely fabulous love your sense of style…..keep up the good work Sai!!!

    Ms Ville :))

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    Love her Diverse sense of style! Koko :)

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    This post made my heart smile………her style is absolutely remarkable ! Well done Miss Sai!

  • ShoeDiva aka M. Clinton

    Luv her (in the best NY accent)!!! She rocks the one-shoulder/sleeve style very well. Badabing!!! Hmmm, might need to feature her shoes collection too :) I'm going to be feverishly looking for a jacket like the black in the pic with hat. LOVEEEE IT :)

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    She is indeed very stylish. All the pictures were breath taking.

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    What's left to say?! She rocks!! Def my fav

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    omg!her style is awesome..might just put some of her pics on my blog too and off course put your blog as source..:)

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    That's my girl NoNo holding it down… Niceness…

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    Amazing style!!

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    I absolutely love her style!! And are smile is adorable! ~ZMK

  • Marcy

    Move over Barbie—Anoko is the ideal "fashion doll." She's like this everyday, I'm a witness. She has impeccable taste, natural style & beauty. I think I'm going to call Mattel for "Anoko—the new couture"line. (no she didn't pay me to say this)

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    Deffo my fav so far, i luv her style. FIERCE!!!

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